Friday, March 8, 2013

Ayesha Butt From Lahore

Samanabad-Girl-Mobile-Number-FriendshipNow I am going tell you a little bit info of Ayesha and her family. Her family caste is Butt. There are three family members in there house, including Ayesha. Her father is doing a private job as Manager. Her mother is a house wife. Her elder sister is married, her name is Hina.. Her little brother is a student in Government Junior Model School his name is Raheel. She is alone in home with her mother therefore, she want to make some friends. Ayesha is also so religion and she is so cute. Her behavior is so friendly. Ayesha like Music, writing, movies, dramas, talks her friends on facebook and cooking. She completed her studies from Govt. College for woman. Her age is about twenty five years old because she did not share her age in her profile. She wants to make some friends that she can talk online when she was free. Ayesha hobbies are cooking, panting, dancing and singing. The person who wants to contact must be a good looking, young and Excellent listener. If you want to see Ayesha pictures you can check her profile. Please read and comment on this post because this is most impartment. We always posting this king of ads for you and making your life with lots of friend. Thanks of reading

Paki Girl Madiha From Lahore

To live a beautiful and happiness life you have to make some friend’s for your life because friendship is a very important part in our life. Pakistani young boys and girls really like friendship and they spend lots of time with each others because they think that Pakistani people are very hardworking and honest in friendship, basically they think that a relationship is very main part of person. Pakistani girls also want to friendship with Pakistani boy and boys also very crazy to friendship with girls and for those the article I am going to write is about a beautiful Pakistani gel that live in Pakistan’s famous city in Lahore and want to friendship with pure and honest Pakistani boys. Before I tell you about her I want to tell you that where she live, she live in the famous city of Pakistan in Lahore, Lahore is the main hub of friendship and the girls of Lahore are so beautiful and cute. She lives in National Town the very famed Town of Lahore because many rich people are living there. You people are thinking that way I am telling you about her place because if you want to friendship with then you can easily win her heart. Now I am going to tell you about her self, her name is Madeeha and she is a student of 3rdyear in Superior Groups of College, she have many female friends but she don’t have any male friend because she want a best male friend that she can share all the things with her and she can trust her. If you are a good-looking, smart, intelligent, loving, caring and honest person then you have to contact with Madeeha. If you want to contact with Madeeha and want to friendship with her then you can contact her through our site because we made this sit only for love, friendship and to find a good relationship. In this site you can also find any other girl for friendship and as life partners. Please Leave you Comments and remarks about Madeeha if you like her profile.

Asian Girl Mahira Lahore Cantt Lahore

Today the article I am going to write is about a Pakistani girl who wants to friendship and marriage with a Pakistani boy but before I tell you about her I just want to tell you about her culture and her family because if you like her profile and want to friendship with her then you can easily find her, feel her feeling and win her heart more quickly. Friendship is very famous in all over the world but specially in the Pakistan people, Pakistani people really like friendship and they spend lots of time with their friends. Pakistaniyou generation really like friendship specially Pakistani young boys want to friendship with cute Pakistani girl and Pakistani pure beautiful girls are also want to friendship with smart Pakistan but there is no any proper place that where they can find her life partners. I think the best and proper and easy way to find you life partner is the internet because internet is the most fast growing way to find you kind of thing. Therefore, we make specially this site for friendship with the honest people, there are many fake websites are the in the internet but this is the really original site of friendship. Now I am going to tell you about her self that her full name is Mahira Mughal and she is 21 years old. Mahira is an educated girl and she recently completed her studies The Lahore College of commerce. Mahira is a very beautiful plus stunning and she like friendship with an honest Pakistani boy. Mahira want a good-looking, smart, honest, loving, caring and honest guy that she can share all the feeling with her. You can also update her personal info and her personal photo on our site that you guys can see her on the top of this article. If you like her profile plus her photo and want to friendship then her then you can send a friendship to Mahira through our site, you just have to write a friendship message to her by commenting on to the below comment box.